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Pool Cage Gutter Replacement

In the early years of Pool Cage Construction enclosures were attached directly to the fascia of the house.  Over time this has led to rotten wood and in some cases even water intrusion of the house itself. As you can imagine this leaves the structural integrity of the cage compromised!  
In recent years a solution has come along.  Pool Cage gutter, sometimes called structural gutter or super gutter is a heavy gauge aluminum gutter that supports the weight of the enclosure.   It acts as a barrier between the house and pool cage yet performs as a gutter giving water and leaves a way to drain.   Super gutter comes in  5 inch and 7 inch sizes either white or Bronze in color.  It also now comes in lengths up to 40 feet so it means limited seams on your gutters.  We also use 4" x 5" extra capacity downspouts with 28% greater water drainage capacity.  This means that you will enjoy a lot less cleaning of your gutters. Most pool cages can be modified to incorporate this new gutter system.
 Boyle's Aluminum has become the "go to" contractor for Super Gutter installations into existing cages. If you have problems with fascia rot behind your pool cage or gutter we are the company to call!

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